Millions play fantasy football ever year, but there is one very annoying problem with it. There is little or no reward for taking an early gamble on a player. Take Nick Pope last season. If you were one of the first to get him in your team it didn’t matter, as two weeks later everyone has him.

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The Solution


Football Never Sleeps is a new fantasy football game with a difference. The brave, early calls are rewarded.


It is a live market experience, with players prices changing 24/7. As other users buy a player their value goes up, as they sell them their value goes down. The aim is to increase your net worth.


The Nick Pope example


Take the Nick Pope example. Last year he would have been valued at about £3 million at the start of the season. As users jumped in his price would have gone to £5M, £10M or even higher. If you had him early, your net worth would have rocketed.


You can also get bonuses for performances and buy more than one share in each player. A clean sheet is worth £0.4 million in bonuses. However, if you had purchased 10 shares in Pope early in the season each clean sheet would be worth £4 million to you.


Play now


If you make the early calls on players you get the rewards, as everyone else scrambles to keep up.


Click ‘play now’ in the top corner to try it out. Set up your team, invite your friends to mini leagues, make the early calls and get all the rewards.


Good luck.

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