Do you know their value?

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Our Journey

Football never sleeps started as an idea on a scrap of paper. We wanted a game that maintains the social side of many online football games, while adding in an increased level of skill and challenge. User pick a team and try to increase their net worth, battling it out against friends, co-workers and other users to win weekly trophies. 

The market is constantly moving based on other users trading. You can pick up a bargain to earn multiple bonuses based on your players performance. It’s up to you to scout players, use your knowledge and spot value in the market. Become part of our community and join the footballing revolution.

How to play

1. Increase your net worth

You will get a budget to invest in your team when you sign up. The aim of the game is to increase your net worth.

2. Players prices change constantly

When users are buying a player their price goes up, when they are selling them their price falls.

3. Your players earn bonuses as they play

Your players earn you bonuses based on their performances in matches in the English Premier League.

4. More shares mean more bonuses

You can buy more than one share in each player to multiply the bonuses they earn.

5. Win trophies each week

Each week you get the chance to complete for trophies in your mini-leagues.

6. Find the value in the market

Can you make the right calls, spot the value in the market, increase your net worth and win trophies?


It had me checking my phone every 5 minutes for the latest prices.
Tom Swailes
Like most online football games.....only better in every way.
Steve West
Every day I can't wait to play. I think I'm getting good at this.
Linda Smith


No. It is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling or on financial markets.

No. This is a free to play game. You will be given an initial budget. You have to invest this budget into your team, increase your net worth to win mini-leagues and trophies.

The players in your team earn bonuses by their performances in matches:

  •         –  A player plays over 60 minutes of a match: £0.2 million
  •         –  Plays for less than 60 minutes of a match: £0.1m
  •         –  Clean sheet for a defender: £0.4m
  •         –  Clean sheet for a midfielder: £0.1m
  •         –  Defender goal: £0.6m
  •         –  Midfielder goal: £0.5m
  •         –  Striker goal: £0.4m
  •         –  Assist: £0.3m
  •         –  Yellow card: – £0.1m
  •         –  Red Card: – £0.3m  

The more shares you buy in a player the more bonuses you earn. As an example, if you purchased three shares in a striker you would get three times the bonuses for each action. If they scored a goal you would get £0.4m x 3 = £1.2m in bonuses.

Your bonus team will be formed two hours before the first game of that gameweek. You can trade players at any point during any game, but you will not get the bonuses for that player during that game.

Yes, you can. We have made it easy to create and share your mini-leagues. Each week you could be battling against your mates for your league’s trophy.



Graphic designer

My tactics are focused around evaluating the market and finding undervalued players. I then invest several shares in each player. I then sit on my investments and ride their value increases when I make the right calls.

It feels amazing when their price increases! I’m usually one of the first to spot a great price and when it comes off, I clean up on the trophies that week.



I’m trading every day. Whenever a player’s price is increasing, I’m on it. I try to sell at the top of their curve and invest my earnings in another player on the rise.

I’m always on the lookout, but I love the feeling when I sell at exactly the right time.



I fill my team with the best players. They will almost always perform and bring me in the bonuses. I just must watch out for injuries and a loss of form, as players prices can fall fast!
I can usually only get one share in each player, which means that I don’t get multiple bonuses. However, my team of superstars is usually more than enough to beat the chancers.