What is it?


Do you, or have you, ever played fantasy football? Are you getting a bit bored of the same format and looking for something new? Do you get annoyed when you spot a player first and everyone then jumps on the bandwagon? Then FootballNeverSleeps could be for you.


FootballNeverSleeps is the new fantasy football experience. There is a live market, with players prices changing throughout the day. It is up to you to make the right calls.

My performance@3x
Your net worth changes.

It includes every player, from every team, in the English Premier League. You must increase your net worth by earning bonuses from your players based on their performances and spotting value in the market. A correct call can see your net worth rocket. However, an injury rumour could result in their price plummeting.


You can play with friends, co-workers or complete strangers in our mini-league system. The important thing is you come out on top and prove you know best! Here is all you need to know to get started


The basics


You have to invest your fantasy budget in 11 players in a 4-4-2 formation. You can choose any player, from any team in the English Premier League. The aim is to increase your net worth. This can be done in two ways:


More shares means more bonuses.




As an example:

Players prices can change 24/7.



Can you make the right moves?


There are no penalties for trades and the market is moving all day, every day. This is the future of fantasy football. If you think you have what it takes and can make the right calls, click on the ‘Play Now’ button at the top to get started.


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